Sailing boat trips & tours in Halkidiki 2023 Kassandra or Sithonia pickup

Taking a day trip on a sailing sailboat to the Greek islands of Chalkidiki, Sithonia, or Kassandra.

If you’re taking some time off during the summer of 2023, you should go on a day sail with a skipper.

Sailing the Aegean Sea on a day trip with a group in Kassandra or Sithonia is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the breathtaking scenery of Halkidiki.
Sailing over this legendary sea affords sightseers the chance to explore countless secluded coves, stunning stretches of white sand, and glistening blue waters.

The Halkidiki peninsula in Greece’s Macedonia is home to two of the country’s most picturesque destinations: the Kassandra and Sithonia peninsulas.
Sailing day cruises give groups the chance to take in the natural splendour and historical history of these islands.

Visitors visiting Kassandra and Sithonia who are interested in joining a group for a day sail must first determine the type of sailing tour they wish to go upon.

Potential trips you can take

  • a 3-hour morning sailing adventure,
  • a 2-hour early-morning fishing expedition,
  • a 2-hour sunset cruise,
  • a 5-hour midday to the late-afternoon sailing excursion, and
  • a 2-hour sunset trip is available.

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The opportunity to discover secret coves, navigate islands, go through beaches and bays, and take in beautiful vistas can vary depending on the sort of excursion done.
Making the reservation is the following step once choosing the type of travel has been made.
You can either accomplish this in person at our sailing trip office in Kallithea, Kassandra (Smyrnis and Konstantinoupoleos str. ), or online at our store.
For journeys leaving from Hrousos pier, transportation is free if you are staying in or close to Kallithea, Pallini, Kryopigi, Polyhrono, Haniotis, Pefkochori, Paliouri, or Hrousos.
Yet, you can obtain a nice discount and come alone if you have your vehicle.
No transportation is offered for departures from Neos Marmaras, however, the majority of the local hotels offer transportation to and from the port.
There is a holiday for every price range and region!

All of our join a sailing excursion rates include

  • boat skipper
  • ticket
  • fuel
  • taxes.
  • traveler’s insurance
  • expenses for marinas and ports
  • drinking water
  • coffee and
  • transportation (if it is available for your area)

Group members should make sure they are prepared by packing any food, drinks, and snacks, as well as appropriate clothing and sun protection after the trip is scheduled and the sailing day has arrived.
Once the boat has departed, it is the ideal time to soak in the breathtaking surroundings, the boat’s motions, and the calm, laid-back mood at sea.
Experienced crew members will make sure that tourists have the opportunity to SUP, swim, snorkel, fish, and more depending on the sort of excursion they choose.

Group day sailing excursions in Kassandra or Sithonia are unique adventures that provide visitors with the chance to comfortably explore some of Greece’s most breathtaking landscapes.
Each offers the chance to experience the breathtakingly gorgeous bays and beaches that encircle the two peninsulas of the Halkidiki area of Macedonia, whether participating in a normal sailing tour, a fishing trip, a sunset cruise, or a day excursion.

It can be an interesting experience to spend a day sailing around the “legs” of Halkidiki.
For a sailing trip of the Toroneos Gulf, we depart in the morning at 10:00, 13:30, or 17:00 from Neos Marmaras port, Porto Carras marina, or Hrousos pier.

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Joining groups sailing in the Halkidiki area is the finest thing to do there.

Chalkidiki is a sailing lover’s paradise. Over the summer holidays of 2023, a sea wind forms every day from noon to sunset. Just powerful enough to make sailing enjoyable and just right for beginners to experience the incredible sensation of sailing with the wind. It’s just you and nature without a car. Beautiful beaches and a pine forest that descends to the water can be found in the Halkidiki region. Greece is experiencing a normal scorching summer day. So, a boat charter—a journey to Sithonia or Kassandra with a skipper on one of our sailing boats—is required if you wish to spend your holiday in our region.

From Thessaloniki, day outings on the water

Although it may seem excessive long—1 hour and 15 minutes—to travel from Thessaloniki to Neos Marmaras, it is worth it. If you decide to go on this adventure, you will have a full day that involves travelling through a stunning pine forest on your way to one of the best boating experiences you’ve ever had.

On Tripadvisor, it is regarded as one of the top Halkidiki excursions.
We can assist you in arranging a transfer for your group or a rental automobile.

Day sailing in Halkidiki – Starting point for yacht hire

From Gerakini, Psakoudia, Metamorphosis, Nikiti, Akti Elias, Lagomandra, Vourvourou, Ormos Panagias, Agios Nikolaos, Pyrgadikia, the second leg of Halkidiki – Sithonia in general, where we start our sailing trips, it is simple to reach Neos Marmaras, Sithonia, Halkidiki – Greece. Customers from N. Moudania, Nea Fokea, Athitos(Afitos), Sani, Kallithea, Kriopigi, Polychrono, Haniotis, Pefkochori(ex-Kapsohora), Paliouri, Loutra Agias Paraskevis, Skioni, Possidi, Fourka, and Siviri boat charter use Hrousos pier from the first leg of Kassandra. From the southernmost communities along the east Kassandra coast, a free transfer is offered to Kalithea.

Schedule for the Sithonia-Halkidiki day cruise

Our first stop is Kelyfos, popularly known as Helona (Turtle or ереа). Swim in the glistening waters or snorkel since the rocky bottom is home to an abundance of species. When the customary sea breeze has passed, we set sail for Gerochristos Island and Lemos Beach in the south. Here, the sea is on both sides of the sandbar that joins the peninsula to the mainland. Famous ships carrying movie stars have been spotted at the beach. Formerly only ours, Angelina Jolie beach is now popular with tourists. On the yacht, you can eat your sandwiches. Following lunch, we explore the undiscovered coves south of Neos Marmaras and have a final dip before heading back to Kamenos, one of Halkidiki’s most picturesque beaches. The sparkling waters are here surrounded by the lush green of the trees.
The skipper may alter the itinerary based on the weather or if the passenger prefers to do something else, like have lunch while sailing for a longer sailing time.

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Relating to your day trip’s fishing

On our day outings, we only engage in trawl fishing, a sustainable method with little effect on fish populations.
Check out this manual for more details…

Sail from Kassandra, the Hrousos pier near Paliouri beach, or the Miraggio marina for a day cruise.

Go sailing if you want to spend the day away from visitors. You can rent a boat from us. Enjoy the breeze, sea, and sunshine more than ever.

  • The day sailing to Halkidiki from Kassandra’s itinerary.
  • Depending on the trip you select, we pick you up from Hrousos Pier at Paliouri Beach at 10:00, 13:00, or 19:00.
  • We travel to the Spalathronisia region, Laimos Beach, and the peninsula of Gerochristou Island. apart from the hordes of tourists.
  • Finally, as a final stop before heading home, stop at Kelyfos Island.

This sailing day package is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and any other type of celebration you can think of.

Surprise a friend or family member.

Please let us know if you would like cake, champagne, wine, or any other surprise.

  • Only a hat, swimsuit, beach towel, suntan, and sunglasses are necessary.

Participate in a day trip aboard a posh sailing yacht! It’ll be the highlight of your Halkidiki holiday.

All boats can accommodate at least 8-10 people and come equipped with amenities including a Bathroom, hot water, a fully functional kitchen, safety gear, a radio/CD player, a Bimini top (a tent over the cockpit), cockpit pillows, and a standup paddleboard. You can use one cabin to keep your belongings, change into fresh clothing, put the kids to sleep, etc.

What motivates us to sail to West Sithonia

  • That is a stunning location.
  • With several remote coves that are inaccessible by car where visitors who value seclusion can swim and unwind alone.
  • There are a few beach bars there that are only known to the local Greek population. There is a party area for those who enjoy it.
  • Most of the time, the winds are light and the best time to sail is around noon when the boukadoura wind (sea breeze) blows from the south.
  • The fact that there is typically no wind in the morning is the major reason we don’t begin the tour earlier.
  • We can sail near land to prevent a bumpy ride if the Meltemi wind is a little strong, or we can use it to sail better and faster.

Our base is at Neos Marmaras, Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece as a result. This enables us to pick up individuals from the Kassandra peninsula and transport them to some of Sithonia’s most stunning locations away from the busy beaches.

What concerning Mount Athos? Can we take a tour of it while we’re there?

The distance between our lodging and Mount Athos prevents it from being a part of our trip. There isn’t anywhere in Halkidiki where we might go on a sailboat expedition to Mt. Athos. The shortest destinations, like Skala Sykias, require a 2-hour travel time, a 2-hour return trip, and at least 2 hours of exploration time. This indicates that the boat won’t be able to stop for a swim for more than 6:30 hours when sailing (or most likely motoring early in the morning). So, without time for swimming or lunch breaks, our guests would spend most of the day outside in the heat. Everyone had experienced it and disliked it. You can see the monasteries from at least 500 metres away, so keep that in mind (it is prohibited to go closer to land and regularly enforced). Although the monasteries are wonderful, it doesn’t compare to really being one. The effect is similar to viewing the Parthenon from a nearby hill. So, we advise taking one of the large boats from Ormos Panagias and spending the morning there if you wish to see Mount Athos. And another day of relaxing on the ocean with us.

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