11 Best Halkidiki tourist activity scuba diving for 2024 summer

Halkidiki’s best tourist activity

Halkidiki Scuba Diving activity

South-east of Thessaloniki is the Peninsula of Halkidiki. Sithonia in Halkidiki boasts some of the finest beaches. You will discover places that offer scuba diving activities, snorkelling activities and boat trips. Places like Gerakini Beach, Nikiti, Amouliani, Toroni Beach, Porto Koufo Beach or Porto Carras, are one of the top destinations in Sithonia for such activities. Now, the reason, 70% of the Oceans covers our planet, and you only see 30% of the place you visit. So when you visit  Sithonia in Halkidiki, at Porto Scuba Diving School we can explain to you, like, why scuba diving is one of the best activities in Halkidiki in Greece. Taking a scuba diving course will allow you to discover the other 70%. At Porto Scuba there is a range of courses that you can choose from. Our professional team of Scuba Instructors will guide you, in a way, so you can choose the right course for you.

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Porto Scuba Diving School

Along with the coast, you will find scuba diving clubs such as Porto Scuba Diving School,  Nomad diving school, Atlantis diving centre, Athos scuba diving centre, Azure diving centre, Oceanic diving centre and so on. Well, the southern you go the better the underwater world. This is a reason that puts Porto Scuba Diving School on top of the list of diving in Greece.

The reason is its unique location. The southwest of the Sithonia peninsula meets Toroneos gulf. Toroneos gulf is protected by strong winds and rough sea conditions. That means that there is plenty of time for the sea life to expand in the area. That makes Toroneos gulf in Sithonia to be on of the most interesting locations for scuba diving, snorkelling, freediving and sea tours by rental charter boats or yachts in Greece.

Porto Scuba offers numerous activities. Activities for children, young people, older people, and family activities. Boat trips, Snorkeling trips in Halkidiki and Scuba diving are on top of the list. If you are planning to visit Thessaloniki in Greece and considering to Try Scuba Diving this year 2024, then, move south to Neos Marmaras. There you will find Porto Scuba Diving School which will introduce you to one of the most popular activities for the year 2024 such as scuba diving.

Scuba Diving activity

As we mentioned above, Snorkeling, Freediving and Scuba Diving is an activity for all sort of ages, starting at the minimum age of 6 years old and above. Greece is a summer holiday destination surrounded by water. Stunning natural beauty, fascinating history, ancient archaeological sites, and white sandy beaches. Neos Marmaras in Sithonia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world for the summer holidays. Porto Scuba Diving Schools are located in Halkidiki and the island of Thasos.  professional Instructors will introduce you to the most popular activity of summer 2024 in Halkidiki which is Scuba Diving. The most interesting activity of your holidays only takes two hours of your time. After a short lecture by our professional Instructors, you will be able to take your first breath underwater. Take a look at Try Scuba Diving for more information.

There are also more things to discover during your summer holidays such as snorkelling and boat fishing tours.

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Porto Scuba offers snorkelling trips

Some of the activities that Porto Scuba professionals have to offer is a snorkelling experience. You can enjoy snorkelling with your friends and with your family during your summer holiday. Snorkelling adventure can take you to the most spectacular places of the Sithonia peninsula. While you are snorkelling you find yourself hovering over walls and reefs and observing marine life. Even if you have not snorkelled in the past, you can always register for a snorkelling course with one of our Dive Professionals. Receiving a snorkelling certification will give you the ability to explore – interact with incredible marine life and discover ecosystems hidden beneath the surface in the area of Sithonia in Halkidiki.

Porto Scuba Diving School have to offer more starting this year with a new program whose minimum age is a year old. It is an unforgettable aquatic adventure for kids- Go underwater and discover the wonder of snorkel, Scuba, Mermaid and Free diving Explorer programs.

Boat trips with Porto Scuba

Another activity Porto Scuba Team has to offer to you and your friends or family is a boat trip. You might think that renting a boat or a yacht in Halkidiki, prices will be too high, but this is far from true. There are plenty of ideas and opportunities. All you have to do is to get the information from one of our crew at Porto Scuba Diving School. Renting a boat or a yacht will allow you to discover multiple places in one day. You will experience the Mediterranean Sea at its best and you might see dolphins on the way. Consider booking yourself on one of our special program snorkel with dolphins sailing trips. Visiting Sithonia, Greece, is an excellent option to discover small bays and hidden beaches that are only accessible by sea, by renting a boat.

Boat fishing

Another fun activity that you could enjoy during your summer holiday 2024 is boat fishing. At charterAyacht, their experienced captains will take you to places with plenty of fish and especially tuna, which is not too far from the coast. Fishing in Greece is a very popular and fun activity. You can get the opportunity for fishing from a boat or a sailing yacht in the Mediterranean waters. We can organize the boat fishing trip for your friends or your family. There are plenty of options for the destination, the fishing activity and the duration of the boat fishing trip.