Halkidiki sailing boat trips Not a Scuba Diver yet? Wine tasting Why is yachting popular? Off road Jeep Safari
Halkidiki sailing boat trips
Day trips from Kassandra or Sithonia. Live the yachting experience!
Not a Scuba Diver yet?
Try scuba diving, Discover an amazing experience!
Wine tasting
Local wines & Museum tour
Why is yachting popular?
Small Group! Get Away from the touristic crowds!
Off road Jeep Safari
Discover the forested Halkidiki hills. Unexpected beauty!

    Welcome to Porto Scuba, Sailing, Diving and other alternative holidays activities

    Keep Sailing
    Keep Diving

    Have you decided to become part of the Underwater World?

     It is hard not to be amazed by the underwater world just watching stunning videos of people diving at different locations around the world with creatures in the most inspirational environments. What are the first steps, where do you start? We are delighted to let to you know you have to look no further! At Porto Scuba Diving Centre you can not only get introduced to the great feeling of breathing underwater, but we will also give you guidance in your next steps of becoming a highly obsessed diver.


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    Scuba diver at Halkidiki

    Try Scuba Diving. Discover the experience!

    skipper October 28, 2020

    Discover Scuba Diving - Your first underwater experience! Try Scuba Diving for beginners with a professional instructor (a…

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    Jeep Safari in Halkidiki, 2024: Explore the Hidden Gems of Greece

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    Skipper Giorgos

    Sailboat Charter Skipper

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    Catamaran in Halkidiki
    Halkidiki with family
    Traditional Boat between Sithonia and Kassandra
    Sailing to Tristinika beach on a yacht
    Try scuba diving – Discover an amazing experience!
    Wild dolphins open waters dive at Sithonia, Halkidiki Greece