Snorkel with wild Dolphins (or Tuna school), 2024

Dolphins snorkel trip, underwater view

Tuna school or dolphins. Find them and snorkel with them!

A lifetime experience in your 2024 summer holidays to Halkidiki

Together with charterAyacht, we are organizing in 2024 snorkel trips with the tuna schools and wild Dolphins paks, south of Sithonia Halkidiki Greece, Totally eco-friendly sailing for the deep water trip into the Aegean.

Go on an adventure and join us for a once-in-a-lifetime snorkelling experience with wild dolphins or tuna schools off the coast of Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece! Using low-emission, eco-friendly sailboats, you have the opportunity to witness and swim alongside the incredible pod of wild dolphins that inhabit these waters. Our experienced instructors and marine biologist guides will ensure your safety at sea while teaching you all about spotting, swimming with and understanding these majestic creatures!


  • All safety gear provided
  • Experienced instructors/marine biologists as guide
  • Low emission ecofriendly sailboats
  • Possibility to snorkel or scuba dive with wild dolphins & tuna schools


  • Connect with nature in a respectful way
  • Get up close to observe these majestic creatures
  • Learn more about marine life from our experts who share their knowledge
  • A rejuvenating and incredible experience that will stay with you forever!


These full-day trips offer a thrilling once in a lifetime experience. Here is the video from our day trips
We organize eco-friendly sailboat private tuna or dolphins-watching snorkel or scuba trips for your group that include a master diver instructor to make sure you are safe and make the experience as rewarding as possible. Equipment is available for rental.
Private Starting points from Kassandra and Sithonia. For a special offer:
Typical Itinerary:
  • Pickup from Porto Koufo at 11:00
  • Master diver and skipper briefing on procedures of going in the water getting out and proper behaviour while observing the dolphins.
  • Sail towards the area where we find the dolphins and make rounds until we spot them
  • Enjoy a once in a lifetime experience.
  • Return towards Marathias beach for a relaxing swimming
  • Return to base at about 18:00
It is required that all participants that will snorkel are adults and know how to swim and use the snorkel equipment very well. If you are unsure of your skills it is better to go to Nomad diving school for a lesson a couple of days before the trip.